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For the Love of Leather

We're obsessed with leather. From the texture, to the weight, to the way it makes you feel. Everything is better in leather. Always in fashion, leather ages well and gains character, as you do. Becoming as unique as the person who wears it and a signature of personal style.

It is this infatuation with leather that has captured our imaginations from the start. Berman Brothers Furs, Wool and Hides, was founded by three brothers right at the end of the 19th century in a boomtown of the times: Minneapolis. Inspired by the beauty of the hides, the products had to be genuine. They had to be handcrafted. (Just as they are today.) And they had to be available to the widest range of people while still maintaining the natural qualities that make leather special.

In 1988, some adventurous west coasters fell in love with our leather, too. And we were acquired becoming the Wilsons Leather the world knows today. That California cool spirit made our connection to all leather lovers even stronger. And it only built on our own dedication to quality, style and value. We?re proud of our part in turning leather into a style staple of our times. Under our present ownership, AM Retail Group, we've been able to create even better styles and value - all without losing our core commitment to genuine quality.

Today, it's that devotion to leather that leads us on still. We've loved it since 1899, and in over 120 years, we've learned more about leather than anyone. We?re the experts. No one else comes close. Because as we made leather, leather made us.

Wilsons Leather

Leather Made Since 1899

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